SHAKE91_Input is a graphical user interface designed to interact with another program called Shake91 (Idriss & Sun 1993)*. Some of the capabilities of Shake91_Input include:
  • Generating and format an input file for Shake91 (Idriss & Sun 1993)
  • Store and modify material properties for use by Shake91 (Idriss & Sun 1993)
  • Plotting the results of the output from Shake91 (Idriss & Sun 1993)

    *Idriss, I. M.; Sun, Joseph I. (1993). User's manual for SHAKE91: a computer program for conducting equivalent linear seismic response analyses of horizontally layered soil deposits.

    Download & Install SHAKE91_Input

    The following steps describe how to download, install and run SHAKE91_Input. For detailed documentation, please see the user manual.

    Step 1: Install MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR)

    If you have not installed MCR Installer on your computer, please download the MCR Installer below and double-click to install it (SHAKE91_Input employs MATLAB). You only need to do this step once for a given PC.

    DOWNLOAD MCR Installer R2014b (8.4) ~700 MB
    Intel 64-bit
    (If you tried opening the MCR Installer from the browser, the installer may be hidden behind it)

    SHAKE91_Input was made by using MATLAB and thus requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) to be installed before being used. It should be mentioned that even if you have previously downloaded MCR to your computer, executables created using MATLAB can only be ran using a specific version of MCR. The version of MCR that is necessary is determined by what version of MATLAB it is compiled with. (Having a more up-to-date MCR would not enable you to use executable files created using older MATLAB. Additionally you can have multiple versions of MCR installed and do not need to uninstall any of the previously installed MCR.) The SHAKE91_Input executable file was compiled using MATLAB 2014b and requires MCR 8.4 (please download from the above link).

    Step 2: Install SHAKE91_Input

    Please download the SHAKE91_Input package from the link below, and then unzip the file to a directory of your choice in the hard drive (you may wish to visit this site periodically to check for updates).

    Download Shake91_Input.rar (17.8 MB, updated 5/29/16)

    Step 3: Run SHAKE91_Input

    After you download the .rar file, save the folder "Shake91_Input" in a convenient location for you to open the enclosed .exe. After you save the folder along with its' content, to use this program all you need to do is double-click the Shake91_Input.exe. (Note if you have just installed MCR, you may need to restart your computer first. Additionally the first time use .exe when you first turn on your computer will take the longest time. It needs load all the Matlab files, which may take awhile.)

    Step 4: Download SHAKE91_Input User Manual

    SHAKE91_Input User Manual (<1 MB, updated 1/30/14)