CyclicTP mesh

CyclicTP is a PC-based graphical pre- and post-processor (user-interface) for two dimensional (2D) Finite Element analysis of shallow foundations, under liquefaction-induced seismic excitation scenarios. Excitation is prescribed along the mesh base as total dynamic lateral motion. The lateral mesh borders undergo shear-beam type motions (equal motion of lateral boundaries is enforced). The program allows execution of linear analysis (with viscous damping) to allow users more basic insight, beforce exercising the plasticity-based nonlinear soil compatibilities. It is advisable to start with this option, and gradually increase the level of seismic excitation so as to gradually track changes.

Download & Install CyclicTP

Note: CyclicTP only works on Windows based PC computers. It is best to use a relatively new Laptop or Desktop with a fast processor, and at least 2GB of memory.

The following steps describe how to download, install and run CyclicTP.

Step 1: Install Java

Most likely you already have Java installed on your computer. If you don't, please download the installation file below and install the Java software.

Note: The current version of MSBridge is not compatible with the latest version of Java (version 7 update 40 which was released by Oracle in September 2013). We are currently working on an update. Meanwhile, please see below for a temporary solution:

If the version 7 update 40 is already installed, please uninstall it. And then install the last version of Java (version 7 update 25) which is available at:
Please click "Accept License Agreement" and then download file "jre-7u25-windows-i586.exe" (you may need a Oracle Web account (FREE) for downloading the file).

Step 2: Install CyclicTP

Please download the installation file from the link below, and then double-click on the icon and follow the simple installation instructions (you may wish to visit this site periodically to check for updates).

Download CyclicTP_0.3.0_Setup.exe (Beta 0.3.0, 2.5 MB, updated 10/23/2015)

Step 3: Run CyclicTP

1) After installing the software on your computer, double-click the CyclicTP icon to start.

2) To open an existing model, click File in Menu and then click Open Model to open a model (the model file must have an extension of .ctp).

3) Click Execute in Menu and then click Save Model & Run Analysis to conduct the finite element simulation.